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Tea Bar

1615 NE Killingsworth St, Portland
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There are a few bar seats, some outdoor seating, about 7 2-top tables, and a larger table toward the back, bike parking is good, street parking in the neighborhood for cars, they offer a few delicious baked treats like scones, hand pies, and a ham and butter baguette. Outlets are toward the middle 2-top section along the wall in between the columns. Network name (SSID) is TeaBar.Pretty quiet and not too busy in the mornings. Very mellow atmosphere. The big group table can seat about 10 people. Busiest around 10am - 12:30pm.

WiFi Details

Download Speed 15 Mb/s
Upload Speed 3 Mb/s
Latency 10 Ms
TeaBar, londonfog

More about this workspace

Type of Space

Open to the public

Hours Today See More
Background Noise Moderate to low
Places to Charge Good
Alcohol -
Group Seating
Outdoor Seating -
Types of Seating Small tables, larger table, standing bar / counter
Community Tags NE Portland, Killingsworth, Alberta
Tea Options Puerh, Oolong, Green, Black, Herbal, Chai
Food Options baked goods, bagels, pastries
Updated April 2016

Listing provided by nettekins + peat + Joel Turner


People are saying  

  • Staff is awesome. Drinks are great. There is decent power-outlet access and ample bathrooms for the crowds. It can get quite busy at times. The only negative mark is that the seats are a bit low for the tables — great for reading or meetings or handing with friends — not so great for using a laptop/mouse/keyboard for extended periods.

  • Elocina

    Friendly staff. Matcha was very good. I was told that the chai is very good as well. Cold drinks are served in mason jars. Located on same block as Podnah’s Pit.

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