The Crew

A culture of working from anywhere and a passion for supporting the places we all Workfrom.

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Darren Buckner

Founder & CEO

Jewel Mlnarik

Founder & COO

Julian Stewart

Content Manager

Blake Scott

Web Developer

Brooke Hurford

App Developer

Daniel Stuntz

Listings Specialist

Special Operations

Kushal Dave

Strategic Advisor

Jason Gershenson

Legal Counsel and Nomadic Entrepreneur

Terry St Marie

Strategic Advisor

Faye Purdum

Marketing and SEO

Jason Brown

React Native Expert

Everywhere we visit becomes a part of us somehow—as do the people we've worked with in the past.

Aimee Reiss

Android Development Intern

Steve Smietana

Web Development Intern

Alexandra Brown

Web Development Intern

David Garber

Web Development Intern

John Young

Web Development Intern

Kathryn Carr

Web Development Intern

Tucker Mayo

Web Development Intern

Jake Mlnarik

Marketing Intern

Zack Hobsen