The Crew

We proudly craft a culture of working from anywhere and a passion for supporting the places we all Workfrom. When we're not traveling, we enjoy our home bases and the freedom to spend more time with our friends, family, pets and hobbies. #MakersGottaMake

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Darren Buckner

Founder & CEO
Strategic Partnerships
Portland, Oregon

Jewel Mlnarik

Founder & COO
Portland, Oregon

Kristi DePaul

Global Marketing
& Communications
Tel Aviv, Israel

Brooke Hurford

Product Design
& Community
Portland, Oregon

Daniel Stuntz

Portland, Oregon


Kushal Dave

CTO, early engineer at Foursquare

Beth Trakimas, MBA

director, people ops (HR), mergers & acquisitions

Terry St Marie

startup investor, entrepreneur, leadership and management expert

Special Operations

Jason Gershenson

Legal Counsel
& Nomadic Entrepreneur

Faye Purdum


Jason Brown

React Native

Aimee Reiss

Mobile QA
& Analytics


We're honored to host code school and collegiate interns for the opportunity to help folks learning skills they can use to become location independent get a jump start on their new careers.

Blake Scott

Perks Partners
+ Advertisers

Kristen Runvik

Global Events
+ Sponsors

Reed Lambier

Android Development Intern

Matt Knutson

Web Development Intern

Amber Baird

Web Design Intern

Steve Smietana

Web Development Intern

Alexandra Brown

Web Development Intern

David Garber

Web Development Intern

John Young

Web Development Intern

Kathryn Carr

Web Development Intern

Tucker Mayo

Web Development Intern

Jake Mlnarik

Marketing Intern

Zack Hobsen