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This is one of my favorite places to work from. The staff know me and are always very welcoming. Internet speeds can vary a lot, but with a little patience, you can still get your work done. There are plugs here and there, so if you’re patient someone will leave and vacate one of the outlets. If you need a larger table for your work space, there are only a few of those; most of the tables are very small. They have a few food items in case you need more than tea. You won’t find any coffee here. My favorite thing when settling in for a long study session is to get a 32 oz pot of Golden Latte, that doesn’t jangle the nerves when I’ve had a bit too much caffeine. It’s very calming. But if you ask, they’ll add a stronger black tea into it, to get you your caffeine fix. I’d say that in this little stretch of southeast Stark, Townshend’s is the best place to work.

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