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"Head towards the restrooms and down the stairs for more space. No music downstairs. Food carts next door and close to several other shops in the Alberta arts district.This place gets extremely crowded, so if you're not here by 1pm, probably best to wait for another day. They do have a lot of seating though, including the main room, a downstairs basement seating area, a patio outside and a garden seating area in the back. I can usually find a spot, even if it's not the one I want.The best feature about working from a tea house is that it's usually a lot quieter than a coffee house - no loud machines or baristas knocking the espresso spoon-thing on the counter. Townshend's can get a little loud with conversation, but overall is a great place to work."

Darren Buckner
Karen Goat
Discovered by Darren Buckner & Emily & Karen G & BDawson & Moto-Mucci & drnadiawebb
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Workspace Type Public space
2223 NE Alberta St, Portland
Hours of Operations See Google
WiFi Login
May include network name, password, or both
teaparty | townshend's wifi
WiFi Speed
Download/Upload in Mb/s
21.40 / 9.50
Upload Speed 9.50
Download Speed 21.40
Upload Speed 9.50
Network Latency 1843 Ms
Noise Level Moderate
Plugs Many
Coffee None
Tea Townshed's brewed, iced, kombucha, boba, tumeric latte, range of black, red and rooibos - can make drinks vegan
Food pot pies, bagels, soup, pastries, snacks
Group Seating Yes
Outdoor Seating Unknown
Seating Styles Small tables, larger tables, lounge chairs / couches
Hours Today See More

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  • So the wifi test results are definitely not correct.

  • They started throttling the wifi on a per device basis, so the 2.9 download is as good as you can get.

  • Current password is teaparty. The internet *seems* faster, but my speed tests today are showing only 2.6 download. It’s 11 am on a Thursday and pretty chill with a few open tables; mellow music, a few people chatting but mostly singles working. Downstairs was totally empty when I arrived, but I decided I’d rather have some daylight while I work.

  • Moto-Mucci

    There’s the front room, a downstairs lounge and patio out back. Each have their own vibe so the options are nice depending on what you’re there for. Plus they’re open late!

  • Group space available in their basement area – may need reservation.

  • No wifi limit. Outlets along wall, including one next to the comfy chairs in the corner. Wasn’t crowded on a Saturday afternoon. There was one person who waited a few minutes for a table. Very friendly staff. Bike parking and car parking are easy. Their basement room is available for private events.

  • Spacious! A more private room downstairs

  • Order a large pot of tea for less than $5 and work for hours! There’s tons of seating upstairs and downstairs (and outside + in the garden when it’s nice out). Great music, ambience, people, tea. My favorite spot in Portland.

  • Lot’s of space both inside and out. Fantastic tea selection!

  • I love having a large pot and small cup to stretch my time/beverage ratio. Music can be hit or miss (upstairs and down) but staff have quieted downstairs volume on request. Lots of seating variety, but it’s often full so you have to vulture for the spot you want. Couches, bar downstairs and dining-style table downstairs are a good ergonomic fit for shorties like me! Attracts a New Age crowd that loves to hear themselves talk, so volume is often a personal issue 😉

  • Password update 6/26: teaparty

    • Done and done. Thanks!

  • Went with the intention of getting some work done and tried to hide in the basement. Unfortunately, a large group of college students decided to come down there and loudly socialize. Music playing upstairs and down. No coffee. WiFi did work nicely. My pot of tea was good. … But I wouldn’t go here if I needed to work.

  • Josh.wardini

    A zen like environment that yields productivity. Stay upstairs if a light amount of noise is needed to keep energized, head downstairs if complete silence is required for think tank and hard study hours. Wifi password worked perfectly, staff was friendly, and strangers will offer a bit of knowledge when overhearing familiar topics.

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