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Really frustrating to see Workfrom’s interview on KATU promoting the idea of exploiting cafe Wifi connections and staying at cafes for hours on end. Just because you can bring your laptop in and use Wifi doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to sit there and monopolize the space in the cafe for hours, preventing anyone else from coming in and sitting down to enjoy a cafe for its original purpose – for people to come and enjoy the food and coffee and – gasp! – actual conversation. Just because a cafe has wifi does NOT mean you’re welcome to turn it into your personal office for extended amounts of time. If you’re going to work from a cafe solo, please be respectful of those who come in with another person to actually enjoy coffee, food and conversation, and either sit at a communal table or ask another solo laptop person if you can share the table – since you’re both just sitting there on your laptop 🙂

As a longtime patron of Woodlawn Coffee, I’ve seen their outlets and Wifi monopolized by people showing complete disrespect for other patrons by treating it like it’s their own office, glaring at those who are having conversations, buying a dollar cup of coffee and sitting there for hours, and leaving no tables for those who actually come in with another human being. Support your locally owned coffeeshops and respect that they are fine with you using their Wifi but also want to provide space for other paying customers and not turn them away because there are 10 tables with laptop workers taking up the space for the entire morning/afternoon.

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