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Another Cafe

1191 Pine St (at Leavenworth St.), San Francisco
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Lately wi-fi has not been working on weekends. Ample amount of outlets. This cafe brews Bicycle Coffee and makes panini sandwiches. Beer on taps. Can be noisy with the loud music playing. 2 levels.

WiFi Details

Download Speed 98 Mb/s
Upload Speed 7 Mb/s
Latency 13 Ms
AnotherGuest | anotherpassword

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Type of Space

Open to the public

Hours Today See More
Background Noise Moderate
Plugs for Charging Plenty
Group Seating
Outdoor Seating -
Types of Seating Small tables, larger tables, standing bar / counter
Coffee Options Bicycle Coffee
Alcohol Options Beer
Food Options Breakfast sandwiches, paninis, pastries
Updated December 2019

Listing provided by Drew


People are saying  

  • shunyamada

    WiFi is fast and there are so many nomadic workers. I often go to this space for working relaxed.

  • I’ve discovered this place in October 17 and the WIFI has always worked perfectly fine 👌🏻 This is one of my fav places to work from in San Francisco. Comfy, reliable wifi and full of power outlets!

  • What is the Wifi password?

  • RedExodus

    This is a cool coffee shop, and the upstairs is nice. I’ve worked here a few times but the Wi-Fi can be spotty and when there are too many people connected you’ll get dropped or not be able to connect. Acoustics of the shop make it a little loud sometimes.

  • I used my 4G connection because I couldn’t connect to the wi-fi. Then someone asked about it and they restarted the rooter. After that, it was pretty smooth and fast. I like the ambiant music and the overall experience working in the cafe. The only negative point is that the food and drink options aren’t very interesting. You get the basic stuff you could get anywhere. Funny fact: it’s the first time I work in a cafe packed with laptops and none of them were developers. A lot of people came with a graphic tablet and beautiful pieces of art came out of the talented people in the room. Also, I’d say about half of the crowd was speaking another language.

  • Wifi can be slow and unreliable (ask one of the baristas to reset the router if you are unable to connect at all, as they are aware of an issue with it), though it seems to be better lately. Music tends to be on the lively/noisy side. All-in-all, not a bad place to do work, though I’d prefer something a little quieter.

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