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Exclusive Deals and Discounts

We’re working hard to connect with awesome companies that support the way we work, live and play. Join us and reward yourself.

Perks Partners
  • Free coffee at participating coffee shops
  • 50% off Tree House: learn how to code and craft your location independent lifestyle
  • No transaction fees on your first $1,000 with Stripe
  • 10% off FreshBooks Cloud Accounting Solution for small businesses
  • and many more!
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Priority Support, Inside Information and Community

Members receive support and priority for getting their cities listed, adding places, starting local Workfrom Wednesday meetups. Members also benefit from a community space (and bragging rights) where we connect with each other to help each other work the way we want, from where we want. In addition to voting on new features, exchanging feedback and influencing the direction of Workfrom, members have access to each other — and this is where magic happens.

Early Access to New Things

Members will soon have access to review and approve new listings, giving you immediate access to new recommendations as they come in — anywhere in the world. You’ll also have access to new features we haven’t yet shared or dreamed up yet.

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