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Coworking for people who work remotely

Consitent access to a professional workspace without paying for a monthly membership is hard. Work from a growing network of partner workspaces when you need them, without getting charged for the days you'll never use.

For Individuals

Work from any partner location for a day, without paying for days you'll never use.

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For Teams

Offer your teammates a workspace benefit that's built for how they work. No wasted days.

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For Partners

Make money from your underutilized workspace while supporting the needs of more professionals.

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What is a credit?

A credit is equal to one day of access to the coworking space you use it at. You can currently buy them in bundles of 3.

Why credits?

The short story is we decided to embrace the workstyle of our community. Memberships don't work for a lot of people (including us). With credits you have quick, easy access to professional workspace on the days you need it.

Do credits expire?

Nope :)

How do I use Credits?

On the day you want to visit a coworking space, you head to your credits dashboard (workfrom.co/credits) and book a day at one of the available spaces.

There aren't any spaces near me, what should I do?

If you'd like to start using workspace credits asap, we've created a referral program! Send your custom referral link to your local coworking spaces, when they sign up we'll give you 3 free credits (worth $45) 😍

Can I use credits in the mobile app?

Not right now. In the future, hell ya.

Am I allowed to bring another person?

Booking with a single credit does not allow you to bring guests. Please note that new Workfrom members receive a free credit! Send them your referral link and tell them it's free to sign up 🎉

Can I use one of my credits or pay separately to bring in a guest?

Definitely. To do this email bookings@workfrom.co at least 24 hours in advance and we'll get you setup.

What do I have access to at each location?

At all locations you'll have access to their coffee and tea amenities, and to their open area of workspace. Any additional amenities available will be listed in the 'Need To Know' section when booking, as well as in the confirmation email.

Does Workfrom give referral rewards?

You know it! We want to grow this network with you, in the places you need it. We offer free credits for inviting friends, and inviting new workspace partners. Find your custom referral links in your credit dashboard (workfrom.co/credits).

Is there a limit to the number of credits I can earn from referrals?

No way. Workfrom wouldn't be the same without you, and this part of our journey is no different.

Am I able to use conference rooms or closed door meeting spaces?

No, booking with a credit does not get you access to these. We know this is important to you so if you'd like access to a meeting room, email bookings@workfrom.co. We'll also put any additional options in the 'Need To Know' section when booking, as well as in the confirmation email.

Is there a way to book workspace without credits?

Yes! For spaces that do not yet accept credits, you can play a flat fee of $35. Please note that for this type of booking you will need to book 2 days in advance.

I want to buy credits for my team, is that possible?

Yes! We love helping distributed teams offer a simple coworking benefit that starts with where your team lives. Email bookings@workfrom.co to get started 🚀

Can I use credits at coffee shops?

Not yet 😉 We love the idea of coffee shop coworking and it's something we would love to enable in our future.