Biblioteca Pública Municipal do Porto

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The building's quite big and there are a lot of a lot of rooms to choose from. It never seems to get too crowded and the wifi is very reliable.

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Web bmp.cm-porto.pt  
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  • topher217

    Staff were extremely unfriendly. I sat down in a chair (note, I didn’t even pull out the laptop yet) and the staff waved her finger at me and clicked her tongue. She then escorted me out of the room and waved me into another much less pleasant space. I asked the staff at this desk what I did wrong and she said the first room was only for books, so I couldn’t study there…I’m sure there was a language gap, which is my fault not hers, but no one wanted to help me understand what was going on. They all just seemed to want me out…so I left shortly after sitting down…I peaked in later and there was a VERY tiny sign before the door saying something like “no personal belongings allowed.” So my guess is they had too many people using the space and they wanted to reserve some of the space for those specifically coming to read a book from their collections. Strange, since I saw multiple people on their laptops in the same room… I guess you need to speak some Portuguese before setting foot in this place.