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Chicago Cultural Center

78 E Washington St (btwn N Michigan & N Garland Ct.), Chicago
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Highlights: Free WiFi is sluggish for large files. Seating is communal on the first floor and outlets are near the walls. Consistently busy. ### STRANGE WIFI SITUATION—websites load fairly fast, email seems a-okay too, but downloading actual files is SLOW I bet uploading will be the same. Guessing they have a limited bandwidth router/gateway? ###Semi-hidden landmark gem of Chicago! On trip advisor's website I once saw a review that said something like “come for the free WiFi but stay for the ceilings.” This is true. This workfrom spot is probably the best free museum in the city of Chicago and is a real landmark with a 38-foot Tiffany dome on the second or third floor. Be advised that some of the images I posted here were then during the “State of Art Architecture” event in 2015, so these spaces may not have the modern furniture, exhibits and lighting when you get here, but the WiFi will probably still be free and so will the other showcase-worthy exhibits. This building is directly across from Millennium Park and could be a great destination for those looking for creative inspiration. Easy access to many Chicago loop institutions including the Art Institute, that is just down the street, and shopping on Chicago’s State Street, (like the Sinatra song) happens only a-block-to-the-West. Many exhibits change-out monthly, so it's different almost every time you come. This museum — built as a library in 1897 — has been the home of WBEZ’s (public radio) storycorps mobile recording studio for a few years — that can be interesting for NPR fans — there's even a tourist information kiosk/office/room near one of the entrances. The marble and tile mosaics inside are left-over from when it was a simply a beautifully-adorned library are really detailed and… well… cultural. You will see a lot of tourists, and some street-like-folk here, architecture tours happen a lot too — not so many executive-types in this building, and it could ALMOST be considered slumming-it so only take your most creative colleagues with you if you come in a group. Great eavesdropping and people-watching for locals. If you are in for an adventure and have the time to be distracted by an exhibit on architecture, graphic design, photography or something else before your deadlines hit… ahem… you should hit-up this workfrom location. Only downside is the museum exhibits are distractions that may pull you from your excel spreadsheets. Check it out for a unique space, some okay Wifi and stay for the exhibits, people-watching and inspiration too.

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Upload Speed 1 Mb/s
Latency 108 Ms
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Types of Seating Small tables, larger tables, standing bar / counter, lounge chairs / couches
Community Tags Free Wifi, Culture, Landmark, Historical, Unique, Museum
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Updated January 2016

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People are saying  

  • dekdek

    Beautiful building. Recommend checking out the Tiffany Dome! However not a good Computer friendly outlets in the lobby.

  • alyssa023

    This spot is called the Randolph Square in case you are having trouble find it. If you enter the Cultural Center on Randolph Street and walk straight through the lobby, you will run right into it. As mentioned, it won’t look exactly like the photos because they re-decorate for certain exhibits throughout the year. The room itself echoes quite a bit, and people wander in/out during busy hours, so it’s not the best spot for intense focus. However, the architecture and decor is unparalleled, as is the people-watching. Best for light and/or creative work that doesn’t rely on a super-speedy WiFi connection.

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