Display Requirements

When displaying any content from the Workfrom API (“Workfrom Content”) on your application or website, you must give attribution. Workfrom Content displayed on a website must include one of the following forms of credit. Where Workfrom Content is displayed as a list, one attribution is sufficient:

When using the WorkfromTM brand name, logo or icon, you must adhere to our Display Requirements as outlined here. You can download high resolution files for both the logo and the icon from our Press and Media page.



When using the icon, the full name “Workfrom” must appear within visual proximity and the icon itself must be clickable, such that it clicks through to https://workfrom.co.

No modifications may be made to the logo or icon (our “Branding Marks”) other than to drop the color. Both marks may be displayed with the red as black when color is not available. Color:

  • Pantone Solid Coated 179 C
  • "rgb": { "r": 224, "g": 60, "b": 49 }
  • "hsl": { "h": 4, "s": 74, "l": 54 }
  • "hsb": { "h": 4, "s": 78, "b": 88 }
  • "cmyk": { "c": 0, "m": 73, "y": 78, "k": 12 }

Protective Space. Always maintain the minimum protective space around the Workfrom logo and icon to maintain visual clarity. The minimum protective space for our:

  • logo is X, where X is equal to height of the filled in center of the “o”.
  • icon is X, where X is equal to half the height of the icon.

When overlaid on any color other than white, the inside of the Marks which appear white must remain white. That is, the background color should NOT show through.