Dollop Coffee and Tea on South Dearborn in Chicago

Cafe / Restaurant
Moderate Noise
Plugs everywhere

Original Scout + Editors

Community verified

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Workspace Details + Amenities

Coffee Metropolis Coffee
Tea Rishi Tea
Food Breakfast, sandwiches, pies, bakery items
Seating Capacity 35-40
Group Space Some
Types of Seating Small tables, Larger table, Lounge chairs / couches
Keywords coffee, local, vegan, Has Food, Has Power, Popular
Web dollopcoffee.com  

Pro Tips

Dollop Coffee & Tea has been around Chicago for 10 years, but only opened a downtown shop last year in the Fisher Building, one of Chicago's coolest. It wasn't long before it took off, and even though several other coffee shops have opened around it, Dollop has managed to stay busy.

The coffee is exceptional - one of, if not the best in the Loop. They're not afraid to experiment; today's special is French Toast Latte (which I'm going to try in just a bit)! Dollop is really good about staying local, too, and that includes using Metropolis Coffee, roasted right here in Chicago.

If the coffee isn't enough to keep you coming back, the food might be. Hoosier Mama pies (apple every day - mmm), Fritz Bakery, and Southport Grocery items are brought in daily, and everything is always super fresh. They not only have breakfast and lunch, but also vegan options.

The space is open, and there's a fair amount of seating, but it can sometimes be hard to get a table without waiting a few minutes. They do have a large community table, though, so if you don't mind sharing a little bit of space, you should be just fine. The atmosphere is a little busy, but not loud (although their choice of ambient music is so good that I sometimes find that a distraction!).

Staff is super cool, and it's been the same since they opened almost a year ago, which I think says a lot about a business. When they get busy, though, they are usually pretty hard-pressed - very understaffed, which occasionally leads to a wait.

One more cool thing - they rotate the art on the walls every couple of months to feature local artists, and some of what they've put up has been very good.

Biggest downside - the price. it's not the cheapest; a large cappuccino and a slice of apple pie will cost you about ten bucks. But boy, is it good. I couldn't come here every day, but I probably come more than I should - it's that tasty. Thumbs up.

  • No wifi. That’s annoying :

  • There are two wifi hotspots here – DollopCafeCo and DollopLoop. Connect to DollopCafeCo – for some reason it’s 20x faster.

  • WiFi is a little wonky once in a while, so not 100% reliable for high-speed connection. Right now it works great though! 🙂

  • Wintertime is a little cold with the doors, maybe bring a jacket. They try to heat it better though, with portable heaters around all the windows. Good effort.

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