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This is a cute little (emphasis on little) coffee shop just outside of downtown San Jose. Seems like the area is gentrifying a little bit so there’s all sorts of young people around.

Anyway, the coffee shop was pretty small. There wasn’t a ton of indoor space, a big community table and a few one or two seaters. So, don’t be shy and saddle up. Outside had two more giant tables of community size and a few ‘outdoor cafe’ style tables. I was there on a Sunday, so it was the right kind of busy.

I had a latte, which was good enough. Not mind blowing, but good. The wifi was sufficient and there are plenty of food options, so you have more than the little pastries and such around for snacking. There’s a Whole Foods across the street, which might be a better ‘work’ option for you over there, but I really think that independent coffee shops need your business, so at least come over here, have a coffee and give it a shot. Whole Foods won’t mind, but Hannah’s will.

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