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Haus Coffee +2

3086 24th St., San Francisco
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Individual tables can easily be used for solo working or pushed together for groups. Plenty of outlets, free WiFi, good working environment and great coffee make this an ideal coffeeshop to work out of.Plus, most of the people here will be working on their laptops or reading a book so you'll be motivated to be productive, too!

WiFi Details

Download Speed 16 Mb/s
Upload Speed 5 Mb/s
Latency 30 Ms
surreptitious | Haus G

More about this workspace

Type of Space

Open to the public

Hours Today See More
Background Noise Moderate to low
Places to Charge Plenty
Alcohol -
Group Seating
Outdoor Seating -
Types of Seating Small tables, larger tables, lounge chairs / couches
Coffee Options Ritual Coffee
Tea Options house kombucha
Food Options Pastries
Updated February 2016

Listing provided by gemmakbarlow + mari + clr + michaelrbock

People are saying  

  • shunyamada

    Love this environment, friendly staff. When you come inside, you can see so many nomadic workers with their Mac Book PC. Coffee and some bread, cookies tastes great! And a remarkable point of this cafe, you’ll use the outside terrace. This area has fresh air, and you can be refresh.

  • renridescycles

    Decent tea selection (lapsang souchong, rose black, genmaicha, more) and served in small Forlife tea pots.

  • Nevermind, here the next day and the networks flip-flopped. Probably just depends on how many people are on each one.
    House G: 5.1mbps/2.7mbps
    House N: 2.3mbps/1.0mbps

  • There are 2 wifi networks. “House N” seems to be the fastest.
    Haus G: 1.5mbps/0.5mbps
    Haus N: 7mbps/1mbps

  • Wifi password: surreptitious

  • 7mb down, 3mb up in peak time. Great ambient and coffee

  • 16mb down, 3 mb up during a busy, middle-of-the-day session. solid place

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