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Janine Saunders

6 Great Cafes In Sydney To Get Work Done

Photo by Rahim Packir Saibo.

This blog post was originally posted on JanineSaunders’ Blog. Check it out for more great insights and recommendations around Sydney and Melbourne.

Sydney has a great cafe scene but it can be a struggle trying to find places suited towards freelancers and remote workers. After a couple weeks of searching, I found a few cafes in Sydney that provide WiFi, have power points, remain relatively quiet and most importantly, are environments that are happy to serve remote workers hidden behind a laptop for most of their day.

Clipper Cafe, Glebe

WiFi: Runs at a relatively good speed to get you through all the necessary tasks of your day (streaming music from Spotify or taking Youtube-breaks probably isn’t the best idea). Make sure to ask for the password when ordering.

Power points: Hard to access so make sure you’re charged up.

Seating: Mostly indoor, with four-seater high chairs with a surprisingly super convenient slot under the table to hold your bag and/or books. There is also a shared low seating table if you’d prefer to have your laptop facing the wall and two outdoor seating tables.

Menu: A fairly simple brunch and lunch menu and the cheapest (average-Sydney-tasting) coffee along Glebe Point Road. A regular sit-in prices at $3.00 and a large for $3.50

Other: The staff are incredibly pleasant and don’t mind you working away on a laptop for one coffee purchase. The afternoons are quieter and with generally longer trading hours for a cafe in Sydney (6pm most days), you’ll have a better chance of holding onto a table then. There is no aircon (only fans) inside, so keep that in mind for hotter days. Find at: 16 Glebe Point Road, Glebe.


Three Williams, Redfern

WiFi: Fairly good internet speed with lots of workers in the area swarming in before 9am to chip away at tasks. Make sure to ask for the password when ordering.

Power points: Power points are available every four tables (next to the extended wall features with lights).

Seating: A spacey cafe with a range of tables for different-sized groups. If you’re looking for a bit of solitude, opt for the furthest back table by the kitchen or the closest table to the front window.

Menu: An extensive brunch and lunch menu with some great highlights, making Three Williams a food blogger’s destination. Coffee is also a-plus, with great consistency amongst the different baristas

Other: The cafe closes a little early (generally before 5pm). The staff are pretty welcoming amongst the freelancing and remote worker crowd, but try to avoid the lunch rush if you can as the cafe gets pretty busy, often with people waiting for tables. Find at: 613a Elizabeth Street, Redfern.

The Grounds of Alexandria, Alexandria

WiFi: Relatively fast interest but nothing comparable to lightening-bolt speeds.

Power points: Not the easiest to find with a few scattered around the indoor seating part of the cafe. Best to have your laptop charged up.

Seating: While there is a range of indoor and outdoor seating, indoor tables are reserved for table-service meals. Find a private table out in the shade if you’re planing to be there for a couple hours.

Menu: A celebrated menu of brunch items that scale on the pricier side of the Sydney food scene. Great coffee if you’re after something simple.

Other: Be wary of how busy The Grounds can get during lunch (even in the middle of the week). Parking can be difficult and there are lots of children roaming around the outdoor areas. But the charming setup of farm animals and rustic seating is worth the pitstop if you’re aiming to break up your week with something a little different. Find at: Building 7A/2 Huntley Street, Alexandria.


Kelby’s, Marrickville

WiFi: Win, win, win. Just ask your waiter for the password.

Power points: Not too many to find, but there’s one right by the table closest to the counter if you’re desperate. Best to be charged up and prepared.

Seating: A medium-sized cafe with a couple outdoor seating options, Kelby’s is a cosy space that’s a veteran in Marrickville. Most tables are suited for two, and if you head right towards the back, you’ll find a super comfy lounge out the back (but be wary of kids!)

Menu: Great food, generous portions without the Inner West cafe price tag. You’ll find the normal breakfast and lunch options. A decent serving of coffee is priced at $3.00 – can’t complain over that!

Other: With a sign up on the door welcoming remote workers and advertising free WiFi, Kelby’s is a haven for those looking for a spot to work. A hearty menu, comfortable seats (there’s a super comfy lounge out the back) and a great vibe, Kelby’s is a gem ‘coffice’ in the inner west. Find at: 293 Marrickville Road, Marrickville.


Envy Deli Cafe, Summer Hill

WiFi: The availability of WiFi isn’t advertised anywhere in the cafe, so make sure to ask for the password while ordering. The strength weakens towards the outdoor seating area, so grab a table indoors if it’s not too busy.

Power points: A couple placed inside near the main section of the area, though it’s probably best to charge up just in case space is occupied.

Seating: There are two separate indoor areas and a large shady courtyard for a range of versatile seating options.

Menu: A popular brunch spot in the Inner West, the cafe is jam packed over the weekends and pretty busy during weekday mornings because of it’s a-plus menu. Using Toby’s Estate, their coffee is always a winner.

Other: A welcoming environment to sit in and work – you’ll probably spot other freelancer’s about. You’re in luck if you’re a fan of dogs- you’ll also probably spot one of these by a table. Find at: 109 Smith Street, Summer Hill.


Black Sugar Coffee Company, Sydney CBD

WiFi: Positioned within the Telstra HQ, you’ll find the holy grail of free WiFi. Free, super high speed and with so many suits around working and having meetings, you won’t find yourself rushed to leave.

Power points: There are a good amount located by the wall-side tables, long stretching middle tables and pod-like tables that are perfect if you’re working alone.

Seating: Black Sugar is probably the largest cafe from this list, with a range of seating options. There are many single-seat and small table options, perfectly built if you’re looking to zone-in.

Menu: A complete menu of brunch and lunch options. Coffee is also a-plus and some of the best on that side of the city.

Other: Be wary of the obnoxious Telstra advertisements along the 25 metre wall, but given they’re the provider of some of the best free WiFi you can access in the city, it’s a small price to pay! Find at: 400 George Street, Sydney.


About the Author

Janine tweets, likes, reblogs, pins, and partakes in other internet adventures professionally - and for fun. She took the jump into freelance content and copywriting after realising that sometimes conventional forms of productivity don’t always mean the most effective forms of productivity. Currently, she spends her time working remotely for Australian-based clients while also handling all digital elements for a small agency.

To get to know more about Janine, check out her blog and connect with her on Twitter (or Instagram, if you like cats named Lola).



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