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7 Temporary Offices in NYC for Freelancers

Illustration by Basia Grzybowska.
This article originally appeared on the AND CO blog, the company that automates freelancer's administrative tasks.

Within their day-to-day schedules, freelancers are faced with a unique conundrum – how can they be productive when working alone? Freelancers are allowed a vast amount of freedom. Much like authors beholden to agents, they do not have work hours, simply deadlines. A full-time freelancer can wake up, open a laptop, and start work without leaving bed. Unfortunately, this much freedom does not breed productivity in everyone. There happen to be several distractions that can easily get in the way of work. Freelancers in cities, such as New York, however, have the advantage of being able to rent out coworking spaces, or temporary office spaces, in order to be able to work in a focused, professional environment. Being in an office environment, while maintaining autonomy, can make freelancers work harder and more efficiently than they would at home alone. The below New York City temporary office spaces are great for freelancers in the area. Freelancers bring their talent, and these spaces provide the rest.


This is not so much one shared office space as it is many. PivotDesk is an office sharing marketplace that matches up companies with excess office space, with those that need it on a flexible basis. Offices with extra space are able to create a posting on the PivotDesk website detailing their availability and rates. Freelancers can peruse PivotDesk for available spaces. Once they find one they may like, they contact the host and the two exchange information and arrange a tour of the space. If the host decides the guest is a good match for their space, an invitation is sent and the guest is allowed to move in.


Any freelancer looking for a no-frills, no-nonsense, affordable space need not look further than Paragraph. This space, located right next to Union Square, describes itself in five words as ‘A Quiet Place to Write.’ Paragraph is an enormous loft divided into a writing room and a kitchen/cafe space, with soundproofed walls separating the two. It provides all members with lockers, high speed internet, and free printing. Additionally, Paragraph has the amenity of free coffee and tea, a Facebook community board, and a ‘passport membership,’ for members who want to find a similar space when traveling to Chicago and Toronto. Day passes, part time memberships, and full time membership are all available, and none extend above $205.


With three locations in New York City, and more on to come, Alley is spreading supportive coworking communities across Manhattan. Alley spaces can be found in Chelsea and Midtown, all containing open areas, desks, and private offices. Their buildings can be accessed at any time, any day of the week, and are supplied with a large list of amenities. For example, any member of Alley is privy to discounts, coffee, kitchen space, happy hour invitations, mailboxes, and more. For freelancers who want to work at Alley all the time, monthly payment plans are available. Anyone with different needs has the option to pay a daily rate.


Projective prides itself on how its two (soon to be three) New York City locations bring entrepreneurs together to interact and learn from each other in a supportive environment. The creators of Projective made sure to secure visually appealing spaces in the bustling Lower East Side, each with stark differences from the other. Their Freemans location has the layout of a rustic library, with bookshelves, lamps, and a variety of comfortable couches. Their Allen Street location, on the other hand, is an open, white loft space. Projective gives different tier options for membership, and members enjoy special perks such as dinner events and discounts.


Stress can be a constant for freelancers. However, spaces like Grind are working to counteract stress by being the self-proclaimed ‘antidote to office spaces.’ Grind is a temporary office space that centers around doing away with 9-5 discontent. Therefore, it has taken several measures to provide its members with a stress-free work environment. For example, it has streamlined its member technology, so things like signing in or securing another Grind space are easy. Additionally, Grind has flexible work hours for its members, open spaces for work, and a staff that is eager to help in any way it can. Grind promotes interaction with other freelancers and entrepreneurs, and even gives its members access to an office directory that lists the individual skills of each member. Grind has daily and monthly membership rates, as well as an option for membership to both New York City and Chicago locations.


This coworking space has exploded in New York City, as it now has several locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. With its motto being ‘Do What You Love,’ WeWork is dedicated to providing its members with everything necessary for an uninterrupted work day. Its offices have been home to tens of thousands of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and larger startup companies, all connected through the WeWork social network. Every location hosts monthly events that range from educational workshops to happy hours for entire buildings. Every floor of a WeWork building has a different layout, so members are able to pick and choose to work in whatever space fits their mood. Other membership benefits include a network of thousands of potential customers, phone booths, conference rooms, partnership discounts, and a constant supply of coffee, tea, fruit water, and beer on tap.


With locations in the Flatiron District, Gowanus, and the Financial District, Cowork|rs is an attractive option for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners based in Lower Manhattan or South Brooklyn. Its spaces are large enough to accommodate anyone, from independent contractors to established non-profit companies. Its membership options include hourly conference room rentals, and monthly memberships whose prices vary depending on if a member wants to work in the open, at a dedicated desk, or in a private office. Additionally, each location holds events that are either social, related to professional development, or related to health and wellness. Their central locations and collaborative environments allow all professionals, from freelancers to CEOs of companies, to focus on their work and nothing else.

These seven coworking spaces can revolutionize any freelancer’s time management. So, check them out and get to work!


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