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7 Tips to Rock an Event at Your Coworking Space


When you start coworking, you’ll be invited to all kinds of cool events. From yoga sessions to product launches to networking events and workshops—they’re a great way to meet your fellow coworkers, network and learn a thing or two.

Would you ever have the confidence to run your own event? It’s a great way to showcase your work and network on a whole new level.

It’s also really easy to do from a coworking space. You’ll get access to the space’s facilities, its community manager (who can advise you on everything from the layout to the lighting) and you’ve got a ready-made audience for your event with your coworking community.

Here are a few tips to rock your coworking event:

1. Think Small

Don’t need to worry about hosting a big, glitzy gathering. Focus on your skill set and keep it small.

Sancar Ayalp, head of partnerships and business development at NYC-based The Farm Coworking, said: “We regularly hold ‘lunch and learn’ sessions—where free food is on offer and an individual or company shares their expertise in a specific area. It’s a really relaxed way to showcase your work—without standing up in front of thousands of people.”

2. Use Your Community Manager

Your community manager is your best friend when it comes to planning and managing your event. They’ll have plenty of tips on how to promote your event, the best layout for the room, a format for the topic you want to cover and advice on what to do on the day.

Sancar said: “A lot of event organizers can feel overwhelmed by our event space. There’s so much you can do with our modular 1,500 sq.ft NYC event loft space. But there’s no need to worry—we can help match the space to the specific needs of each event.”

“We’re also always on hand to offer help and advice before, during and after an event. It helps ease the flow of the event—and the nerves of the event organizer,” he added.

3. Team Up With A Fellow Coworker

If you’re nervous about going solo, you could co-host an event. Again, your community manager could put you in touch with the best person to do this with.

You could even hold a roundtable with a group of buddies if you don’t want to put yourself out there. It’ll give you a stress-free way to shine.

4. Tap Into Your Community

Make sure you promote your event to your coworking community. Don’t just talk about it—ask your community manager (yes, them again) to promote your event on the space’s newsletter, blog or website.

It’s also worth talking to your fellow coworkers before an event to see what they want from an event and which topics they want you to cover.

5. Don’t Panic

When the big day arrives, keep your cool. Holding an event at a coworking space means you’ve got a great backup team with your fellow coworkers and your faithful community manager.

6. Network Like A Pro

The reason you’ve run an event is, most likely, to drum up new business. Make sure you network before, during and after the event. Have a pocket full of business cards and your phone on hand to connect with everyone you need. Also, ask your community manager to keep a record of attendees.

7. Follow Up With A Thank You

If you have a list of your attendees, make sure you follow up with a quick email thanking them for coming, a little feedback on the highs and lows of the event, and a link to your work.

Have you ever run an event from a coworking space? We’d love to hear how it went and any tips you have in the comments below, or tweet @Workfrom using #CoworkingEvents

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