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Julian Stewart
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Coliving and Coworking With Outsite


Coliving/coworking is all the rage. But with dozens of these live-work programs popping up, how do prospective digital nomads know how to tell one apart from another?

We kick off our series of coliving/coworking community profiles by speaking with Emmanuel Guisset, founder of Outsite.

Tell us about Outsite. What is it? What inspired you to start it?

Outsite provides places to stay, work and play in beautiful places around the world. With locations like San Diego, Lake Tahoe and Costa Rica, our spaces are perfect for coliving and coworking as well as company retreats.

Outsite and the idea of “work + play” really started from a simple and selfish place. I simply wanted to combine work with my love for the ocean. I also realized the potential of coworking spaces as great environments for networking and collaboration.

Outsite isn’t just about visiting a new location; it’s about building a community and exploring the outdoors, all while getting work done.

Why do you think coliving/coworking programs are so popular?

I think millennials are rejecting the idea of Corporate America. They no longer want to sit an office and crunch some work from 9 to 5. They don’t mind working more but they want flexibility and freedom.


Who do these programs most appeal to?

For people going to the office every day, it helps them to have a new perspective and be more creative. For individuals, it allows them to network with other people outside of their traditional network. So that brings new ideas. For teams, it’s easier to bond together if you go surf together after a work session.

How do you persuade people on the fence that they will really be productive while living this lifestyle?

It’s not all about work, work, work. I have seen too many founders just burn out.. The successful founders I have seen always have a big passion on the side and they are just really good at organizing their schedule so they can work and play!


What makes Outsite different than other coliving/coworking programs?

Outsite is based on four core beliefs: home sharing, remote work, work/life balance, and sustainability. These values are what sets Outsite apart from other coliving/coworking programs. In addition, Outsite is very dedicated to sustainability, community building with like-minded people, and preserving the natural beauty our locations are close to.

What do your clients say they most like about Outsite?

They of course love the locations but they especially like the community of people and connections they can make. There’s been quite a few deals done at Outsite, jobs found, and even a marriage!

What else would you like us to know about Outsite?

Leo Widrich, COO and co-founder at Buffer, said it best: “I feel like I’ve been more productive in my 4 weeks at Outsite than any other week in 2015.”


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