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Daily Routines of Remote Workers


Every work day can look different when working remotely. Some of us have days packed with meetings, while others do creative work on a blank canvas. But, no matter what every work day holds, we each start and end our days with the same rituals. So we asked our #tribe of pro’s in our Slack community, how do you start and end your days?

Morning Rituals

“I always wish I had one of those morning routines that I read about, but, for me, I say my affirmations out loud as soon as I wake up, then check my phone. I make coffee and sit outside while I listen to ‘Ten Percent Happier’ meditation app –  if I’m not getting on a zoom call right away :)”
– Brooke Hurford //Portland, OR

“Coffee, news, and a dog walk.”
– Jessica Porec // Philadelphia, PA

“Yoga, meditation, coffee + check Slack, email, Twitter, internal comms channels.”
Kristen Pavle // Oakland, CA

“Juice (followed very soon by coffee), quiet time, and note taking. I try to avoid social media and email until later.”
Katerina Bohle Carbonell // County Galway, Ireland

“Breakfast, shower, and ritualistic coffee preparation (and drinking).”
Stephen Vance // Natick, MA

“Coffee, news, exercise.”
Andy Tornquist // Malmo, Sweden

“Yoga, yoga and yoga. Every day! Then shower, breakfast and coffee. Or breakfast, shower and coffee.”
Kristina Hajduka

Nighttime Rituals

“I do my skincare routine (which includes roughly 15 steps because I browse Sephora like it’s Twitter) — then, I watch The Office and fall asleep :)”
Brooke Hurford //Portland, OR

“I like to think about the next day when I end my work day. I keep a post-it on my desktop and jot down a quick outline of tasks. But, in general I like to end my day with some comedy. A funny movie or re-watch a series (currently on Seinfeld and that’s because I re-watched Curb Your Enthusiasm). But, something I’ve seen and don’t mind falling asleep to, so I won’t miss anything :).”
Jessica Porec // Philadelphia, PA

“Reading in bed! Preferably fiction, and more specifically a good science fiction book. I just read Rendezvous with Rama for the first time. LOVED it!”
Kristen Pavle // Oakland, CA

“Ideally, I set tasks out for the next day and read a real book in bed. Most often, [I] didn’t plan properly for the next day, write something/consolidate notes, and go to bed while the kids keep on watching movies.”
Katerina Bohle Carbonell // County Galway, Ireland

“I’ll typically end [my day] with reading or watching (and apparently completely ignoring the no screens recommendation).”
Stephen Vance // Natick, MA

“My end of the day is working on a list of work/personal tasks for tomorrow. I, then, enjoy a nice craft brew while reading or watching Netflix.”
Andy Tornquist // Malmo, Sweden

“I prefer to end the day with watching the sunset, learning something about a question or topic from my day that I don’t yet know about, and writing down 5 accomplishments/ things I’m proud of about the day. After that…scanning Bitcoin and Ethereum price movements and watching something that generates laughter.”
Eric Hargove // Los Angeles, CA

“End my day reflecting on what I completed and creating a to list in my head of next days goals. Usually drink a glass of red and watch something on tv.”
Rosie Cavero // Chicago, IL

“Ending the work part of the day, I prefer to think about tomorrow and block out my calendar as needed. Realistically (pre-pandemic), it was more ‘oh crap, I gotta pick up the kids!’, *slams computer shut.* Evening routine is usually simply watching a movie or show with a beer until I drift to sleep.”
Ray Huang // Alameda, CA

Do any of these rituals sound like yours? Interested in chatting with other remote workers as part of your daily routine? Join us in the Workfrom Slack!


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