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Jess Porec
Jess Porec

What is Overlanding? Starting Van Life as a Digital Nomad


A guest post written by: Ferenc Elekes, Founder of Overlandsite.com

With the world being such a wide and beautiful place, it is almost a shame that we have to spend most of our days working in an office, waving at all the opportunities going by During these times, you may wish that you could go on a trip and earn money  while you discover all the wonders our world offers.

Well, here’s some great news for you you can! You can make money while Overlanding, and all you have to do is to become a digital nomad. Granted, it takes some preparation  – but eventually, you should be able to conquer the world AND earn money. Here are some steps to help you succeed in starting a digital nomad life.

Save Up Some Money 

Overlanding might seem like the perfect way to travel without spending too much money, but that’s not always true. You won’t spend as much as you would with plane tickets and or hotels, but there are still some initial costs that you will need to consider.

For one, you need to think about food and other travel costs. Along the way, you might still need to make a few payments. If you choose not to sleep at hotels, apartment rentals, etc you will still need to sleep somewhere.

In this case, you are likely planning a  “conquering nature” kind of trip, then you might want to save up to get some new camping gear. You’ll need a good tent – preferably one with a darkened interior that can protect against the sun, a good sleeping bag, a comfortable mattress, or a mat – all of which can ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. And for that, you will need money.

Start Small

You don’t need to start your Overlanding trip with some fancy expensive car. Instead, start small. Go for a cheap truck – it can be anything, as long as you know it’s a model that will not break down after you hit the road. Plus, the advantage of trucks is that you have a lot more space in the back for your baggage. You’ll need it, considering you will be packing your camping gear, your coolers, and a lot of travel gear.

If you have the possibility, you might want to consider investing in a van as well. In most cases, it can be customized so that it can fit a comfortable bed, along with a few cabinets and even a stove. It will protect you from the weather in a way that a normal tent will not be able to. These vans are a cheap and quick method for you to figure out whether this is the right job for you or not. 

Get a Freelance Job

The reality is you will need money for your trip. You’ll need it to buy food, gas, or pay bills. Having the money to fix  your vehicle and get a hotel for a night in case of emergency is a must.

There are great ways to continue to earn money while you travel All you have to do is to find the right freelance job. Here are a few examples:

Virtual Assistants 

Many business owners rely on assistants daily, particularly if their lives are quite busy. However, you don’t need to be in a physical office to do administrative work for your boss. All you need to have is a good laptop and a portable Internet connection, and you’ll be all set.

Customer Support 

Various small companies are looking for someone to hire as tech support. Unlike big businesses and call centers, small firms may not receive as many calls per day but still need the support. As support moves from the phone to virtual this is a great opportunity… Virtual customer support can be done asynchronously and a good option for those overlanding with a travel schedule.

Copywriter, Blog Writer or Editor 

Travel blogs are all the rage. You’ve seen them, and we’ve seen them.

What most don’t know is that they can be quite lucrative. With the right sized audience and the right sponsors, people become influencers and earn money just by posting.

It takes a lot of  initial work, but once you gain a decent number of followers, the money will start flowing in.. People are known to earn thousands of dollars-worth of passive income every month simply by posting the right content. And with all that extra money, you could upgrade your ride!

The Bottom Line

Life doesn’t have to be about working in the same office day after day. You can work from wherever you want, as long as you have the right job and the right gear. Overlanding and van life is not so expensive but it does take planning. You just need to create your own comfort and take that plunge into the world.


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