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Metro Cafe

603 Arizona Ave, Santa Monica
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The hospitality space. It's a good place for working and having meetings. Interestingly, the price of any drinks is up to you.

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Open to the public

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Background Noise Moderate
Places to Charge Plenty
Food -
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Group Seating
Outdoor Seating -
Types of Seating Larger table, lounge chairs / couches
Community Tags good wifi, good staffs, good coffee,
Updated February 2020

Listing provided by shyamady + BMEUP


People are saying  

  • brookehurford

    This place is awesome. Pay what you want business model, tons of other people working, lots of places to sit inside and out. Great neighborhood also 🙂 Super cute atmosphere. Very friendly baristas.

  • Love this place to work!
    – wifi is absolutely great both inside and outside
    – outside provides nice tree shades and very cool breeze
    – plugs are available also on outside sitting area, but I recommend bringing extension anyway
    – dogs are allowed
    – amazing service, drinks and snacks are donation based. You can get variety of teas and coffees and as a snack you can enjoy nice pastries

  • Awesome huge breeze shaded outside area with extension cord they run through the outdoor area (if you have splitter is ideal to bring with so you can share) — decent 10-15 Mbps download speed Wifi even outside far from router and with lots of people using it


    Most productive and comfortable work space of awesomeness!


    Metro is a multi-use 2-story facility where a host of locals congregate for free wifi, great morning brew, meet friends, network and bring their furry friends!

    The ground floor of Metropolis features a cafe that makes it a local destination for coffee lovers, food enthusiasts and event-goers.

    The upstairs of Metro Co-Lab is a member-based shared work-space for christians, professionals, creatives and vocational ministers.

    The 4 young & charming baristas; Stephen, Donny, Alex & Jake are all uber-caring, helpful, personable, polite and grateful. Their positive, people-pleasing attitudes make this place extra special. Even the other customers are approachable and pleasant! This is a rare environment in so many ways.

    No wifi limits!! Coffee, Tea and small choice of fresh pastries. Also sells day-old pastries for half price. (Can bring in your own food). One side of room has 3 community tables w/8 leatherette chairs at ea. & many outlets. The other side is like a living room; 3 sofas with coffee & side tables, assorted chairs at sofas. 3 round glass-top tables & 2 smaller tables with chairs. Plenty of outlets! Windows open onto the side patio which is lets in a great breeze. Extra large side patio is graced with a mish-mosh of tables, seating, benches, loungers and more. Shaded & sun areas. No outlets outside though. It’s the best! It is also a donation based coffee house, pick your price!

    Street parking only. Lot in the back is for co-lab members only. Customers of cafe can bring their bike in and set it against the exposed 2 x 4s by the seating area.

    2 Restrooms downstairs: 1 Men & 1 Ladies. 1 upstairs: Co-ed
    Pets welcome anywhere in or out too!

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