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I like Whole Foods because it’s a full grocery store. Whether you want coffee, a bagel a custom salad, or a bowl of cereal, that’s all possible.
The problem is with the internet. They use and entity called DeepCoolClear and it’s terrible if you rely on consistent excellent wifi connection.

I’ve been to Whole Foods in Chicago, Ft. Collins, and Portland, and the internet story is the same. DeepCoolClear starts you with 2 hours. You might get kicked off several times over the 2 hours. After the 2 hours you might get to reconnect or you might get a message saying you’ve used up your 2 hours and have to come back in several hours. On multiple occasions I’ve been able to string together 6 hours, but it’s unpredictable.

The wifi has been ok for me because I don’t require a consistent wifi connection for my work. But when I do need it and it’s kicked me off it can be maddening. So, there’s a balance to strike. There might be better wifi at a neaby coffeeshop but the food is limited to pastries, coffee and tea. Sometimes it’s worth putting up with DeepCoolClear if you want a better variety of food.

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