Philz Coffee in San Francisco

Cafe / Restaurant
Louder Noise
Few Plugs

Original Scout + Editors

Community verified

Who's clocked in to get work done here

Workspace Details + Amenities

Coffee Many
Tea Many
Food Bagels, pastries
Seating Capacity 30-50
Outside Seating 8
Group Space Some
Types of Seating Small tables, Larger table, Standing bar / counter, Lounge chairs / couches
Keywords Palo Alto, College, Coffee Only, High Energy, Outdoor Seating, Has Power
Web www.philzcoffee.com  

Pro Tips

Ok. Philz Coffee.

It's very close to downtown Palo Alto... and therefore close to Stanford University. It's a fun little high-energy spot.

First off, there's a ton of spaces to work. You can see there are couches, "bar" tops, community tables, and even outdoor spaces to work. The problem, you can also see, the past two times I've been here - the place has been pa-acked.

Don't let that deter you. You're close to Stanford, so you can probably guess what the energy is like in here. There were a lot of younger people around, studying, typing, researching, coding, chatting. Every once in a while, these places are awesome. Before you know it, it's closing time. This is one of my more favorite coding spots (so far).

But, it's noisy. The music is loud. The people are chatting and having a good time. So, if you're looking to meet with a client, or trying to get a small group together for a project good luck: a) hearing each other, and b) finding a spot for more than 3 people to sit. That said, there *are* plenty of places to sit, but again, it's kinda busy. Video chats and conference calls are out of the question indoors. Might be able to pull it off outside.

There are outdoor spots, which is where I usually hang out. Right now, it 's a beautiful day an there are 8 tables about for hanging. So, if you're into being out side, or have a pet with you, or something. This will work for you.

I don't know what the traffic patterns are like, but I visited at 3:30 on a Thursday... so I imagine it will follow pseudo-school hours during that season. Can't speak for other times of year.

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