Roy Street Coffee & Tea › Seattle

Open to the public.



This place had an older crowd than many other places on the hill to work from with most patrons on this Thursday afternoon being 40s to 70s. Internet does seem snappy indead, network id: “Google Roy Street”.

It does feel like a fancy Starbucks. Though from what I can tell, they do server better stuff than Starbucks at roughly the same prices it seems. There was no tip line on the receipt which was unexpected and kind of refreshing, I hope they pay their workers well here.

Chairs and table heights match better than at most Starbucks I’ve been to. The music playing is pretty generic bluegrass or something, this place has no edginess or ‘cool’ factor.

I’d probably go somewhere that feels less corporate, but I’d go here before Starbucks. Vivace is like 300 ft away and is just better almost all ways except internet connection speeds. Joe Bar is within wifi range if you want a really raw experience, though their internet worse than garbage.

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