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Tea Chai Té in Portland

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Moderate noise levels
Several Plugs

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Pro tips

Fairly quiet, outdoor seating in the back. Outlets seem to be more accessible in the backroom. Able to sit and work inside the caboose!

There's a caboose with a couple two seaters that are fun to climb into, and everyone seems to forget that they exist. There are outlets up there too! Only drawback is that kids really enjoy the seats, so the noise level might get high for a little while. There seem to be outlets near almost all the work stations (with the exception of the outdoor seating area), and the building has several semi-private areas. Also, the tea is EXCELLENT. Lots of vegan options for milks, and over a hundred tea selections.

More details

Coffee No coffee
Tea Over a hundred varieties of tea
Food No food
Seating Capacity 34
Outside Seating 8
Group Space Some
Types of Seating Small tables, Larger table, Lounge chairs / couches
Keywords + Amenities teahouse caboose tea chai te, Outdoor Seating, Natural Light, Has Power

Community notes

  • Daniel Stuntz

    The air conditioning here is LIT AF! Such a great place to work on a hot summer day. Also all the tea smells are yummy and relaxing and the people working here are really nice ? Back patio is great if you need to make a call! Grand Central is next door and they don’t mind if you bring food over as they only have a few pastries for sale here.

  • Daniel Stuntz

    Don’t let the small exterior fool you like it did me. There is a fair amount of space inside. Good signal and a pretty good cup of Yerba Mate.