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Brewed Cafe and Pub

603 Main St, Vancouver
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One outlet downstairs by standing desk (pictured). Two group tables upstairs with outlets. SSID "guest-brewed"

WiFi Details

Download Speed 18 Mb/s
Upload Speed 4 Mb/s
Latency 32 Ms

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Type of Space

Open to the public

Hours Today See More
Background Noise Moderate
Plugs for Charging Good
Group Seating
Outdoor Seating -
Types of Seating Small tables, larger tables, standing bar / counter, lounge chairs / couches
Coffee Options Transcendence
Tea Options Smith, kombucha
Alcohol Options Beer, Wine, Cocktails
Food Options Sandwiches, salads
Updated September 2016

Listing provided by fayeishere

People are saying  

  • Password is now ‘sasquatch’.

  • TommyPaine

    Fantastic Spot in Downtown, Vancouver. If you’re like me and prefer lively, but not too loud, background music to your working atmosphere as well as the option to transition from caffeine to alcohol as the day grows long in the tooth then this is the spot for you. The Owner has also set-up his own coffee roasting franchise on the side. I’m not going to speak to the subjective nature of quality, but knowing that there’s only half a bag of beans left in the world that I’m lucky enough to get a cup of is fun, and those are my words, not the owners. Big plus, damn tasty too.

    BONUS: The second floor overlooks the first with roughly enough seating for 20 individuals & 3-4 community tables. In the few times I’ve been here, it’s normally at <10% capacity.

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