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Case Study Coffee Downtown

A laptop-friendly space in Portland

Darren Buckner

A great place to stay a while and get work done.Plenty of tables, clean, good atmosphere albeit a bit loud. Cool downtown place.

Need to know

Type of Space


Today | All Hours
Avg. WiFi Speed 18 Mb/s Details
Background Noise Moderate
Alcohol -
Group Seating
Outdoor Seating -
Types of Seating Small tables, standing bar / counter
Accessible Outlets Limited
Community Tags Air Conditioned, Natural Light, Has Power
Food Options pastries, bagels
Scout Date May 2013
Last Updated February 2016

People are saying  

  • This is my favorite place to work downtown. Phenomenal coffee, decent enough internet speeds, ample seating, and power outlets. Food trucks nearby if you get hungry, and right on MAX.

    It can get loud, so bring earbuds. Not great for co-working, but perfect for solo work.

  • Lots of seating, power outlets, cool interior and decent wifi. However, pretty loud music and sounds from the coffee bar. Wishing I brought earplugs.

  • I’ve experienced slow speeds here as well and didn’t have great expectations today. I was prepared to tether. But I just did a new speed test and it’s not bad. http://cl.ly/402x3L3Q2z0q

    • Better screenshot: http://cl.ly/290d2N230Y3e

  • The internet connection is pretty poor, but the library network across the street is freely accessible from here and a bit better.

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