Cenote in Austin

Cafe / Restaurant
Louder Noise
Several Plugs

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Workspace Details + Amenities

Coffee Casa Brazil, Wild Gift Coffee
Tea Zhi Tea (local)
Alcohol Beer, Wine
Food bagels, locally sourced and seasonal veggies and meats for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Seating Capacity 40+
Outside Seating 10+
Group Space Yes
Types of Seating Small tables, Larger tables, Standing bar / counter, Lounge chairs / couches
Keywords Has Food, Outdoor Seating, Air Conditioned, Kid Friendly, Alcohol, Has Power, Popular
Web cenoteaustin.com  

Pro Tips

House turned into coffee shop and delicious eatery with lots of tables and outdoor seating. Background music (soul & jazz) is calmly energetic and not distracting. Reliable WiFi. Check website for daily specials. Expect crowds at lunch and dinner times. Limited parking. Look for outlets under the bar and along the walls.

  • Leaving an updated review here. I’ve tried to work at Cenote 4 times on different occasions over the past several week and at a variety of times during the day. Unfortunately, the internet is pretty bad. Today my husband and I were planning to start the day with coffee and breakfast at Cenote and continue on through lunch, which means we would have spent quite a bit of money at the cafe today. However, the internet was again so slow that we couldn’t get any work done. In fact, my husband could never actually get on the internet and I was kicked off once I was logged in. We ended up leaving within 30-45 minutes of arriving and heading to another local spot. It makes me really sad because we LOVE the food, coffee and atmosphere at Cenote, but we probably won’t be coming back because we just can’t get anything accomplished online there. 🙁

  • I really love the vibe of this place and will definitely come back to work here. My only concern is that the internet seems a little slow in the afternoon, and I’m wondering if it will be better earlier in the day. I had an iced coffee and look forward to trying their food another time.

  • The internet is kind of meh during peak hours. The iced coffee is really good!

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