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Coava on Hawthorne +2

A laptop-friendly space in Portland

Jewel Mlnarik

Look for outlets on the floor under the center, standing isle and along the walls under the bar tables. WiFi network is "coavaguest" and is routinely unstable, though you can typically get onto Prettyman's next door.

Need to know

Type of Space


Today | All Hours
WiFi Details Log in or join free to see this information.
Background Noise Moderate
Alcohol -
Group Seating
Outdoor Seating -
Types of Seating Small tables, larger table, standing bar / counter, lounge chairs / couches
Accessible Outlets Plenty
Community Tags Has Power, Faster WiFi
Coffee Options Coava
Tea Options Foxfire
Food Options Pastries

People are saying  

  • WiFi password is still hawthorne.

  • brookehurford

    If you’re looking for a more calm, quiet place this is definitely a great spot for that. Not so much loud hustle and bustle as other shops around.

  • mattritter

    Password update, Mar ’17:

    SSID: CoavaGuest2
    Password: hawthorne

  • New PW:

    SSID: CoavaGuest2
    PW: espressobar

  • brookehurford

    If you like cozy this is your spot 🙂 Couch space next to the fireplace, and there are also plug ins behind the couch underneath both sets of windows.

  • really good coffee!

  • pdxdan

    Great, roomy space. Four different long bar tables with plenty of barstools and room for laptops. There’s a few hidden power outlets behind the couch. There’s also a solid xfinity wifi connection here from the apartment building (if you happen to have an account with xfinity). And of course, good coffee 🙂

  • saintduck

    New ssid: coavaguest w/ the password the same as the ssid.

    • Updated. Thank you.

    • pdxdan

      New password again:
      SSID: coavaguest
      Password: coavacoffee

    • Stay awesome! Updated.

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