Crema Coffee and Bakery in Portland

Cafe / Restaurant
Louder Noise
Several Plugs

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Darren Buckner

Who's clocked in to get work done here

Workspace Details + Amenities

Food Sandwiches, soups, salads, bagels, homemade pastries, homemade quiche
Seating Capacity 30+
Group Space Yes
Keywords Has Food, Outdoor Seating, Natural Light, Has Power
Web www.cremabakery.com  

Pro Tips

Outlets along the east and west walls. Has a large table that works well for groups.

The shop is quieter in the mid-morning (from 9:30 until around 11:30) and from 4:00PM until closing. It gets busy in waves due to people coming in who ride the buses. My favorite spot is to work along the back wall where there are plenty of outlets. Great spot for 1-2 people to work on computers.

  • Looks like they are changing the password every week or so now. Latest known to work is “whoisasking”, no quotes.

  • WiFi password has changed to “****” ✨

  • There’s a wifi password now and it’s *****.

  • Great space and natural light, but I can’t believe how loud it is. The baristas are shouting back and forth and slamming dishes around, they’ve got pumping dance music blaring in the very echo-y lobby, and then there’s some loud rock music coming from the kitchen area, where guys are shouting at their friends outside.

    Not to mention all the parents with their herds of rugrats running around screaming their little heads off completely unchecked.

  • I’m not sure if it is the acoustics of the space or heavy handed staff, but the slamming of dishes is always jarring. Patrons seem to be more careful and aware of the ear invasion when they bus their tables. Bring earphones and a good playlist.
    My work involves a lot of uploading, so the WiFi can be too slow for me.
    But the food and coffee are great. Plus hemp milk.

  • Went here for the first time today…. Delicious espresso, legit looking pastries and a nice vibe. Has enough background noise to not feel like a library but not too much where you can’t get some work done. Definitely check it out!

  • heyrocker

    As more and more people have discovered Crema for working, it has become increasingly difficult to find a seat there. Of the last five times I went, every seat was full three of them. I’m glad they are successful, just be prepared to potentially wait if you come.

  • This is one of my go to places. Always others working here. Great food, coffee and fresh pastries (chocolate chunk cookie is so good). On nicer days they open up two walls which makes for a great outside-in space. Whole foods is right around the corner for additional food options. The Wi-Fi here is always snappy and there are plenty of power outlets and seating. It can get busy and seating then becomes a premium, but something usually opens up in a less than 10 min wait This is one of the best places to work remotely in Portland!

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