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Good Coffee on Division +3

A laptop-friendly space in Portland

Jewel Mlnarik

Make sure you connect to 'goodcoffee' for super fast WiFi. Password changes periodically, so your best bet is to ask what the password is at the moment when you order. Typically crowded from about 10-noon.Outlets near lounge & standing bar area and the corner tables. Slightly padded chairs and bench seating with ultra soft couch and 2 lounge chairs. Large garage window doors let in lots of light, fresh air and outside-in experience. Fills up with creative professionals in their 20s-40s. Bus stop out front, bike parking a block down and residential street parking close by. Minimalist, solid and unobtrusive playlist, well-curated local art.

Need to know

Type of Space


Today | All Hours
Avg. WiFi Speed 40 Mb/s Details
WiFi Login drinkgoodpdx | Good Coffee
Background Noise Moderate
Alcohol -
Group Seating
Outdoor Seating -
Types of Seating Small tables, lounge chairs / couches
Accessible Outlets Good
Community Tags Natural Light, Has Power, Faster WiFi
Coffee Options Coava, Heart, RoseLine, drip, esspresso
Tea Options Song Tea
Food Options sweets, pastries, baguette
Scout Date November 2014
Last Updated July 2015

People are saying  

  • paulleavitt

    This Good Coffee on SE Devision is one of my favorite work spots in the area. Quiet background music, ample ambient lighting but not too harsh, and delicious Mocha’s.
    There’s generally enough outlet’s to go around, but when it’s pretty full you might run into a situation where you have to barter for outlet space with another remote worker (but hey, most people are pretty chill about sharing. 🤗)
    I’ve found this particular Good Coffee to be quite busy in the afternoon, so be prepared for the possibility that you’ll be working from the comfy couch instead of a table, though if you’re willing to wait, a table usually opens up within a half hour. Good things come to those who sip slowly. 😉

    They also serve Tanglewood Chai, which is delicious.

  • Just adding a note that the wifi password is actually Drinkgoodcoffee (with a capital D).

    • Ok, it looks like they change the password periodically (they changed it just now), so your best bet is just to ask what the password is at the moment.

    • thanks! updated our pro-tips 🙂

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