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Heart Coffee Roasting +2

A laptop-friendly space in Portland

Darren Buckner

Outlets near the front and back tables. No WiFi on the weekends. Network SSID is 'Heart Burnside.'We're currently unable to update speed tests for Heart's Wifi as it appears they have a strict content blocker on their wifi. Even workfrom.co was blocked (along with yelp, reddit, tech crunch, one of my client website's backend, basically a lot).UPDATE: I reached out to their management and they say there isn't any blocker, and will look into it. I'll update here when/if I hear back.

Need to know

Type of Space


Today | All Hours
Avg. WiFi Speed 37 Mb/s Details
WiFi Login Heart Burnside | pineapple
Background Noise Heavy
Alcohol -
Group Seating
Outdoor Seating -
Types of Seating -
Accessible Outlets Limited
Community Tags Has Food, Has Power, Coffee, Faster WiFi, Has Food
Coffee Options Heart Coffee Roasters
Food Options pastries, snacks, wraps
Scout Date January 2014
Last Updated February 2019

People are saying  

  • marshallsteeves

    I’ve been working here lately once a week and all blockers are removed. Slack works fine.

  • paulleavitt

    As of today, there appears to be a strict content blocker on Heart’s wifi (perhaps they had a deluge of illegal downloads?), that block workfrom.co, yelp, reddit, etc. I’ve reached out to corporate to verify this, and am hopeful that they’ll open it up. I had to use my phone’s hotspot just to clock-in here. 😉

  • Yomegs

    Password today was wildhoney. Hadn’t been here in awhile, and had to leave after an hour or so because it was freezing. I have enjoyed coming here in the warmer months, provided I can snag one of the bench seats. Other reviews are right: very few power sources here.

  • The password is heartburnside now.

  • Network heart coffee password burnside. Wifi today is strong and I feel the environment is conducive to workers. Most folks on their laptops today.

  • DesignUtensil

    They just put in new seating, which is really great! But, there are still no new power outlets. So when you run out of juice, that’s it if you aren’t near one. Additionally, it looks like they’ve put “no weekend wifi” in their WiFi name, so a bit of a worker-unfriendly environment unfolding.

  • I believe that they have WiFi on the weekends now. They also freed up some space but somehow it seems harder to find a seat there now.

  • ehaidle

    I’ve been going here more since they removed the coffee grinder machine – the white noise was distracting. Now this is my favorite place!

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