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Joe And The Juice

67 Spring St., New York
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Plenty of outlets in the back along the right wall. It can get a bit loud with the music and the juice machines going off, but the space is really big for this area so that's a major plus! Joe & The Juice is a European chain based out of Denmark.Steps away from the 6 subway. Chic and comfortable environment. Great work space.

WiFi Details

Download Speed 135 Mb/s
Upload Speed 9 Mb/s
Latency 20 Ms
Joe Juice / juice123

More about this workspace

Type of Space

Open to the public

Hours Today See More
Background Noise Heavy
Places to Charge Limited
Alcohol -
Group Seating
Outdoor Seating -
Types of Seating Small tables, larger tables, standing bar / counter, lounge chairs / couches
Community Tags SoHo, Coffee, Juice, Smoothie
Coffee Options Espresso, American coffee, Flat white
Food Options breakfast, lunch, sandwiches, shakes, juice
Updated September 2016

Listing provided by Dan Farrelly


People are saying  

  • Earlier in the morning seems to be best to get some work done sans loud music.

  • stephanieylin

    Based on comments I expected much louder music. The music level is louder than most cafes, but no where near club level. Great energy for getting work done. Haven’t had a problem finding a nice comfy spot to hunker down. Friendly service. Coffee is a little too strong for my taste.

  • Absolutely too loud for calls or even conversation. Music is on blast level.

  • Agreed with what everyone says, this place is loud. Like Miami Latin-nightclub cloud. Not at all conducive for working if you can’t handle it. Love the energy here though. A lot happening let’s me forget the rest and focus on what I’m doing.

  • I love everything about this place but the noise

  • lokwali

    This is not a “bit” loud. It’s incredibly loud. If you’re looking for more of a club type working environment, or somewhere where you feel comfortable holding discussions, this place makes sense. Otherwise, I would avoid.

  • getcroissant

    This is the hippest juice bar I’ve ever been to. There is plenty of space, but it does get very crowded with the young professional freelancer crowd.

  • RevL


    music is quite loud, but there’s an abundance of space and didn’t have trouble finding an outlet!

  • getcroissant

    Lots of room, and plenty of healthy choices. This place is awesome!!

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