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Julie Henches Enthusiastic Parisian (yes, we exist), @NUMAparis connector in @sciencespo, I help entrepreneurs w

9 Great Places for Coffee and Coworking in Paris

Julie Henches, a self-described "enthusiastic Parisian", shares her very personal directory of great coworking places in Paris. This article was originally published in Medium.

Maybe you’re a freelancer in search of spots to work from. Maybe you’re travelling the world working remotely. Or there’s no more coffee at home. Maybe you’re a student, or you’re looking for a job, or you can’t stand your colleagues anymore. Maybe you’re a startuper and you’d rather be working from a decent café than from your parents’ garage, thank you very much.

What’s in a coffee shop that makes you work so well? Is it the background chatter and music? The smell of coffee? The feeling of being among others? Here’s a list of Parisian coffices that make me inspired and productive.

1. Le Pavillon des Canaux (19ème)


A coffice heaven by the Bassin de la Villette with laid-back waiters, a beautiful décor — and you can have breaks in the sun. Have a beer by the canal in the evening (you deserved it). — 10am-10pm — 2€ filtered coffee, 9€ avocado toast

2. Hubsy (3ème)


Probably held by the nicest owners in the history of coffee shops. Have a cappuccino and sit in front of the Arts et Métiers museum. Enjoy. — 5€ an hour, 20€ for a day

3. Numa Cowork (2ème)


In Numa you will meet plenty of cool people. And get 1€ coffee.

The pearl of the Sentier? Come in alone, leave with a co-founder for your startup. — 0€ (and coffee is 1€, for real)

4. La Gaïté Lyrique (3ème)


Bring your laptop where it belongs in this digital arts center — the Gaïté Lyrique is also an exhibition space, concert hall, restaurant, bar and library — and a place where you can come and work surrounded by people talking about 3D printing and the future of journalism. Just drop by, it’s free! — 2pm-8pm — free

5. Café Lomi (18ème)


International crowd, excellent coffee (they roast their own), splendid place. Who doesn’t love the 18th? — 2€ for a coffee

6. Nuage Café


The Rive Gauche must be so confused: here you can make coffee requests they receive in Slack so you don’t even have to move from your seat. Set in a presbytery. Gorgeous interior design (I need to find their moodboard).— 4€ an hour, 16€ a day

7. Anticafé Beaubourg (3ème)


A mixed crowd of student designers, architects, developers, freelancers and unlimited snacks. A lot of thinking happening. — 5€ an hour, around 17€ for a day

8. Anticafé Louvre (1er)


Anticafé number 2 looks like a living room with bay windows and a free flow of coffee. Home, but better.— 5€ an hour, around 17€ for a day

9. Blackburn Coffee (10ème)


Excellent coffee in the best street of Paris (possibly) — 2€ for a coffee

You might want to check out these cool projects:

  • Néo-nomade is the mother of coffee and coworking maps of Paris (1438 places registered!)
  • Join Unicorners for one of their sessions, they have already taken their Meetup group to 100+ coffee shops!
  • Cohome, makes you work in someone else’s living room. New territories for your laptop to explore!


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