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Julie Henches Enthusiastic Parisian (yes, we exist), @NUMAparis connector in @sciencespo, I help entrepreneurs w

9 More Great Places for Coffee and Coworking in Paris


Julie Henches shares more locations from her very personal directory of great coworking places in Paris. This article was originally published in Medium.

1. Le Laptop (19ème)


Le Laptop is the place to go if you want to get stuff done. You will get stuff done there. Oh, and there’s a cat. — 30€ for a day

2. Strada Café (3ème)


Come for the Australian-style cappuccinos, stay for the waiters’ looks (or so says every girl I know). — 2€ for a coffee

3. Le Café de la Presse (12ème)


Crazy in the night, quiet in the day, I could spend a week in the Café de la Presse (not sure the very chill waiters would even notice). — 2€ for a coffee

4. Coutume Instituuti (5ème)


Have a coffee. Stare out the bay windows on the Cluny ruins. Feel like a Sorbonne student again. — 3€ for a coffee

5. Café Craft (10ème)


Focused crowd, latte coffees, carrot cakes and the canal Saint Martin. Working feels great. — 4€ an hour, around 17€ for a day

6. Moncoeur Belleville (20ème)


Embrace the view of Paris from the top of the Parc de Belleville. Transfer that into pure productive energy. The wifi is not always stellar (but oh man the view!) — 2€ for a coffee

7. Le Barbouquin (20ème)


Tons of books, gingery juices and matcha cakes: work from Wonderland. — 2€ for a coffee

8. Merci Café (3ème)


Endless bookshelves, bay windows, and a stylish crowd, and you can even do some shopping afterwards! — 2€ for a coffee

9. Le Bistrot de la Gaité (3ème)


In the morning, before the Gaïté Lyrique opens, check out the Bistrot de la Gaité! A lot of people like you are working on cool projects (just be sure to leave when it’s lunchtime!)— 2,5€ for a coffee

Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite spot? Tell me on twitter @j_henches. Oh and thanks for sharing this article with your friends because then it won’t be just you and your laptop!


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