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We met the awesome folks at Caboh when we were in Austin last year for the most energetic and social Startup Week we’ve ever attended. We instantly hit it off, won a free year on their new team collaboration platform and wanted to share their story on what drives them to work the way they do. To try Caboh for yourself, check out their sweet deal in our perks directory.

How many employees and contractors do you have?


Please tell us about the importance of location independence at your company.

The co-founders meet in the same space 4 days out of the week and work remotely for one. We alternate which day we work remotely, so it’s not always the same day every week. And we allow ourselves additional “WFH” days as needed. Our intern works remotely. We like the flexibility to be able to work where we want, whenever we want. Our intern is in college, so this makes it so he can collaborate with us when he is not attending class. And it highlights the functionality of our software 🙂

Did you start with the intention of having a distributed or nomadic team?

Yes, we always liked flexible work space and time.

Are there important non-office workspaces in the history of building your company?

opaOpa on S. Lamar in Austin, TX and Abuelo’s on S Capital of Tx Hwy. Opa is great because the atmosphere feels like it was designed for tele-commuters: they have comfy seating for groups and spots for just one.  Great background music makes it so that you can carry on a conversation without feeling like you’re talking too loud or having to shout. And we loved their lattes. Abuelo’s was where we did some of our best brainstorming sessions–which could be attributed to their yummy Mexican martinis!

What % of your company regularly works remotely?

25% every day, 100% on occasion.

Any advice or best practices for supporting the work styles of your teammates from a distance?

Communicate often. Project awareness helps team members know what people are working on and feel like they are a part of a team when they are included. It’s part of the reason we’re passionate about what we make, as Caboh is built for just this.

What types of places do your teammates choose to work from when remote?

Home, coffee shops, restaurants, lounges.

You’ve built great products that help the distributed workforce at large. Why did you choose to do that?

We found that companies were having a hard time keeping employees engaged while working remotely and there were too many pieces of technology. Caboh offers a centralized collaboration space for teams to log into daily to communicate, work on projects together and recognize others. Employee recognition helps retain employees.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Caboh is proud to partner with Workfrom and help make work more enjoyable, flexible and efficient!

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