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Jewel Mlnarik
Jewel Mlnarik A maker of Workfrom and other joys.

Caffeine, music, food and art are the nectars of life.


Natasha Stille, owner of Nectar Cafe

We chatted with Natasha Stille, owner of Nectar Cafe in May, 2014.

Tell us the story behind your business becoming what it is today.

Coffee has been my life for 5 years now. In 2009 I was running a coffee booth at farmers market making espresso drinks and french press, in 2010 I opened a food cart in SE Portland called DaPressed and finally in May 2013 we opened Nectar Cafe in the Hollywood District. We have been roasting coffee since 2010 and specializing in local ingredient smoothies and fresh pressed juices to order. We also cater to the vegan and gluten free community with our breakfast and lunch fare.

We’d love to hear about the passions that drive you from day to day.

I am passionate about music, caffeine, food and art. And I really try to encompass all of those things in my day to day at the shop. We change the art installation every month and a half with fresh local artwork. The music played at the shop is definitely not your average top 40 but an eclectic mix of great new and old tunes that in my opinion is an excellent back drop to getting work done. The food we serve at Nectar has an emphasis on being local when possible, mostly organic and good for you. And caffeine.. well that speaks for itself, it literally drives me through the days, weeks and the last couple years.

Natasha Stille, owner of Nectar Cafe

What aspects of your business make you most happy?

Acceptance of people and meeting new people daily is an amazing part of my job. I really enjoy my regulars and the diverse group of people that consider Nectar Cafe their coffee shop. It’s all about the regulars, if they weren’t here I wouldn’t be either.

Leah at Nectar Cafe, Portland OR

What makes Nectar Cafe a great spot to get work done?

Well, Nectar is pretty mellow. We are not a high turn over restaurant that needs you to vacate your table as soon as you finish your first cup of coffee. We also play music that I think is easy to listen to or to tune out. Ranging from downtempo and ambient music to mellow instrumental tunes (unless it is beautiful and sunny out, and in that case I can’t resist some house music). Oh, and we have big, comfy chairs making it easier to sit here for a while.

Nectar Cafe, Portland OR

Why do you feel it’s important to support nomadic workers like us?

I feel like it is important to support people in general. If someone wants a place to come work, I support that. If someone wants a place to come and play games, read, chat with friends, etc. well I support them, too. This place is as much the people that run it as it is the people that come to be here.

Name two things we should know when we work from your cafe?

Afternoons are a great time to work at the cafe. The shop is at its calmest from 3-6, when we close. We love to be on a first name basis with out customers, hopefully you don’t mind if we chat you up at the counter when you come in.

What’s the best way for us all to support your business?

Come in and order something to drink or some food. Tell your friends why you like to come to Nectar Cafe and like us on Facebook.

Nectar Cafe, Portland OR


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