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Coffee shops with WiFi in Portland

Photo by Kristen Penoyer, http://photostories.cc at Sisters Coffee Company.

Looking for a great Coffee Shop or Cafe in Portland to get some work done, study or just do a little web browsing? Portland, Oregon is well-known for its rich coffee culture and many Coffee Shops. Finding caffeine and reliable WiFi in Portland is simple if you know where to start your search.

The best way to find Coffee Shops with WiFi, access to power outlets and even food is by searching the Portland WiFi map. We feature information about the best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Portland with free WiFi, access to power outlets and of course caffeine. We even show you background noise levels and if group space is available. Looking to set up a Coffee Shop meeting? We make it simple to invite others to meet at locations we feature.

Browse the best places in Portland to get work done.

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Darren Buckner — Middle child of six. Married to an amazing lady. Used to bounce in Vegas. Love helping people thrive in a new era of work. I'm a builder. Design/dev/product.

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