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Julian Stewart
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Coliving and Coworking with Sun and Co.


Our series on coliving and coworking communities continues with Sun and Co. Co-founder Edu believes his clients experience an “intense communal feeling” during their stay at the program’s home: a 19th-century dwelling in a Spanish seaside town.

Tell us about Sun and Co. What is it? What inspired you to start it?

Sun and Co. provides a home for location independent professionals. We are a community of up to 20 entrepreneurs and freelancers who share, grow, and have fun together–all under one roof–creating an intense and interesting social experience.

Jon and I (the co-founders) wanted to create a space conducive to personal and professional growth for the new generation of remote workers because we believe it is the future of work. Sun and Co. in Javea, Spain, is the first of those spaces.

Why do you think coliving and coworking programs are so popular?

Learning is done nowadays in unconventional ways and living with other like-minded professionals is going to provide you with more experience, more ideas, and a more positive mindset than most universities and companies. Imagine being able to combine that with some fun, great weather, and new friends!

Sun and Co., a coliving and coworking program in Javea, Spain

Who do these programs most appeal to?

An interesting mix of digital nomads traveling the world, entrepreneurs launching their projects, and teams from startups looking for focus and productivity. In general, really smart and nice people!

How do you persuade people on the fence that they will really be productive while living this lifestyle?

People coming to Sun and Co. are already productive in their jobs and projects. They are going to be even more so if they are surrounded by a stimulating environment. That’s our mantra.

What makes Sun and Co. different than other coliving and coworking programs?

Sun and Co. is one of the very few programs that offers a real coliving experience with everyone under one roof. We all live in a massive 19th-century house in the center of Javea’s Old Town. That obviously creates an intense communal feeling that is special.

Sun and Co., a coliving and coworking program in Javea, Spain

What special requests, if any, do you receive from clients?

Well, we have guests that come relatively often, using us as their nomadic base, so we occasionally keep some of their stuff with us. Right now we have a couple of road bikes stored until their owners come back.

What else would you like us to know about Sun and Co.?

We believe the future belongs to individuals and organizations with a sense of purpose. As well as a great idea you need to have a strong culture, engaged and happy employees and loyal customers. Get all of these and you can change the world in your own little way. We’re building our own purpose-driven company and hope you will here, too.


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