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Jewel Mlnarik
Jewel Mlnarik A maker of Workfrom and other joys.

Contribute to a time lapse video showcasing where we work—all over the world.


Earlier this week, I decided to post an old time-lapse video I created last year to our community Slack chats. Not long after sharing, Patrick Loonstra pitched in and offered to create a time-lapse of people working all over the world from videos that you and members everywhere will contribute.

Share your videos.

Join us by submitting short time lapses where you’re working from and we’ll post updates here as the project progresses. Contribute anytime through the month of November and we’ll share the posts, as well as the final masterpiece, sometime in December.

A Note from our editor.

I am Patrick and I make stuff better by design, by making it easy on the eye and most of all, with some logic in mind. I translate mission and vision of a brand to concrete design and logic in communication. You can find me at www.patrickloonstra.nl and Workfrom.co/awesome/1123.

The post that kicked this off.

It’s a timelapse video I shot shortly after I met Darren and Zack and we wanted to test out some cool campaign marketing. We never got to it and at some point I edited this. Never quite enjoyed it enough to share but if there’s one thing I’ve learned trying to build a startup is that perfection will kill ya! In short — would still love to make a sweet timelapse and if anyone’s interested … we should collaborate.

If you haven’t yet joined us in the chats, do! It’s been a blast seeing folks connect—on jobs, advice, projects, creative ideas, events…you name it! We’d love to have you.


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