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Brooke Hurford

How To Optimize Your Workfrom Listing


There are now over 13,000 places to work listed on Workfrom. People search for places every day, but what makes a place stand out enough for someone to go and try it?

Below I’ve written out some tips on optimizing your listing so remote workers can really see what you have to offer.

1. Add high quality pictures, and choose your best one to be first 📸

A picture is worth a thousands coffees. That’s how it goes right?

Have an awesome community space? A wall of calming plants? Couches that make you want to stay for hours? Show it off. This is by far the number one thing you can do to bring more people into your space.

*Bonus tip: Photos that show actual humans working in your space, and loving it – are even better 🙂

2. Increase your Workability score

This is the one glance view of how easy it will be for people to get work done at your space.

Technically the Workability score is determined by an algorithm that considers the most cared about aspects of a workspace. The holy trinity includes: quality of wifi, amount of power outlets, and noise levels.

First, make sure all these details are added to your listing. Second, if any of these aren’t up to par you can easily make some quick improvements 🔨 Here are some ideas:

  • Have a couple power strips on hand to lend out
  • Increase your wifi speeds
  • Create a quiet area where people can do calls with less noise

Improving these aspects of your space will make it that much more awesome and enticing for people that that are looking for a place to work for the day.

3. Reply to comments!

People love to know that they’re cared about ❤️🤗

Does someone have a question? Or possibly run into an issue at your space? By replying to these you can engage with your customers, and let them know you are listening.

4. Take advantage of Workfrom for Business tools

The first listing to do this in Portland increased their page views by 50%.

Promoting your business makes you more present and visible on Workfrom. You stand out against your competitors, and get more eyes on your listing.

If you’re not a Workfrom member yet, read more about Workfrom for Business.

We’re always looking for new ways to help you get the most out of Workfrom, if you have anything you’d like to see leave a response below! And above all else, don’t forget to roam free 🙂


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