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Why Remote Teams and Freelancers Need to Celebrate This Season


It may only be October, but companies are already sending out their “save the dates.” Although it’s an exciting time of year, remote employees and freelance professionals can often feel a little left out. When you’re in an office, the celebration is all around, but when you work remotely or as a freelancer, you have to make the time to celebrate success.

Choosing to celebrate is a great way to acknowledge your achievements and reset your energy for the next set of challenges.

Here are a few ideas of how you can add holiday events to your work schedule:

Working Remotely

While working remotely certainly has its perks, it also means you might miss out on certain in-office activities. The holidays are a great opportunity to get everyone together in one shared space to celebrate. To get the wheels in motion, suggest some budget-friendly spaces to the CEO or CFO. It may incentivize them to include your travel expenses in the holiday budget. Don’t forget to mention the benefits of face-to-face bonding with your team employee and how recharged and ready to hit the pavement you will be in 2018.

Peerspace Historic LA Theater

Freelance Professionals

Budgets can be tight for freelance professionals. However, gathering a group of fellow freelancers and building your holiday party can make your dollars go a lot farther. Look for unique and unconventional spaces, and have your community pitch in for the additional supplies. The benefit of connecting with your fellow freelancers in a relaxed and fun setting is the potential to network and find your next big opportunity for the new year.

Peerspace SF North Beach


You’ve had a big year building your company and made a lot of headway towards your goals. Now it’s time to celebrate all the hard work. Bring your new clients, investors, mentors, family, and friends together to celebrate your achievements and get everyone excited for the year ahead. You don’t have to break the bank to impress them either. Instead, find a private space to come together and discuss your recent victories to energize you and your community for the second phase of your business plan.

Peerspace NYC Creative Event Space

Check out some great Holiday Party Spaces from Peerspace.

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How will your remote team come together to celebrate the holidays? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, or tweet @Workfrom using #untethered.


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