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Jewel Mlnarik
Jewel Mlnarik A maker of Workfrom and other joys.

Workfrom Week Denver and Our Contest Winners


Last week we celebrated our first Workfrom Week—in Denver. It was our first launch of Workfrom in a new area to span a full week and we look forward to spotlighting other Workfrom communities, new and old, in future Workfrom Weeks. In addition to announcing the winners of our daily Workfrom Denver Check-In drawings, we’re excited to share some of our favorite highlights and what we learned.

Workfrom Denver Check-In Winners

Our Highlights

We kicked off the week with the intention of spending a week focused on the people and places in the Denver area. Over the course of the week, we chatted one-on-one with several locals, including some new to the area and one who’d recently moved away. As we learned more about the local culture and saw the recommendations roll-in, one thing was for certain: we can’t wait to visit Denver in person!



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