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268 Oxford St., Paddington
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Limited outlets, but inside there is an outlet between the two booths on the left side of cafe, adjacent to the counter (it's behind the lamp!)The weekend can bring more people dining, but during the week it seems a bit less crowded, making it nice to work out of! The WiFi speed isn't the fastest, but it's average for Sydney. There'a also a garden/outdoor area if you prefer to be outside.

WiFi Details

Download Speed 7 Mb/s
Upload Speed 0.8 Mb/s
Latency 14 Ms

More about this workspace

Type of Space

Open to the public

Hours Today See More
Background Noise Moderate
Places to Charge Limited
Group Seating
Outdoor Seating -
Types of Seating Small tables, larger tables
Alcohol Options Beer, Wine, Cocktails
Food Options Pastries, full breakfast, salads, tacos, burgers, sandwiches,
Updated March 2015

Listing provided by Dan Farrelly


People are saying  

  • Entremadnomad

    Great spot! Good $10 food deals Mon-Fri and great relaxed atmosphere and a cool funky place.

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