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Portland Community College: Southeast Campus (Library)

2305 SE 82nd Ave, Portland
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If you want to hunker down and concentrate, Portland Community College Library is for you. There's three floors and public WiFi that clocks at an average of 100 Mb/sec. The space is modern and open with plenty of natural light pouring in on the upper floors. The main floor mostly has couches near the windows but there's a couple of tables on the south side of the building. Power is more limited so if you need outlet access, head upstairs. The second floor is the "collaborative zone"where it's good for groups and more open conversations. The third floor is the "hum zone" and a great place to pop on your headphones, jam on some music, and get down to business. Gotta be quiet up there so be sure to mute your phones and keep your conversations very quiet. If you're hungry, there's food and beverages at Old School Coffee, which is downstairs on the first floor on the south side.

WiFi Strength

Download Speed 21.10 Mb/s
Upload Speed 73.80 Mb/s
Latency 11 Ms
Last Known Login Info
May include network name, password, or both
PCC-Guest | Varies for each user

More about this space

Walk-in Access

Open to the public

Noise Moderate to low
Outlets Good
Alcohol -
Group Seating
Outdoor Seating -
Seating Options Small tables, larger tables, standing bar / counter, lounge chairs / couches
Hours Today See More
Community Tags college, community college, pcc
Food Options Old School Coffee
Updated April 2017

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People are saying  

  • halfstring

    To use the wireless, select “PCC-Guest” and you’ll be instructed in a browser window to create a temporary login and pass. It’s valid for one day so each time you’re here, you’ll need to re-create the user/pass combo. It’s a little annoying but well work the trade-off in fast WiFi speed.

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