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See See Motorcycle +2

1642 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland
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Great coffee, beer, cider, champagne and friendly vibes. It gets a little warmer than you'd expect but otherwise great atmosphere, lots of cool things to look at while you're spaced out not working. Look for outlets at the tables along the wall and under the bar along the windows.

WiFi Details

Download Speed 45 Mb/s
Upload Speed 20 Mb/s
Latency 18 Ms
seeseemotorcoffee | seeseewifi

More about this workspace

Type of Space

Open to the public

Hours Today See More
Background Noise Moderate
Places to Charge Plenty
Group Seating -
Outdoor Seating -
Types of Seating Small tables, standing bar / counter
Community Tags coffee, motorcycles, see see
Coffee Options Stumptown, full espresso bar
Tea Options Townshend's loose leaf
Alcohol Options Beer, Wine
Food Options Bagel, granola, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burrito, hot dog, PBJ, chips & pastries
Updated February 2016

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People are saying  

  • DesignUtensil

    SeeSee has become my favorite coffee shop in Portland. The staff are all fantastic, the atmosphere is fun and energetic, and the coffee is spectacular. The food hits the spot every time! Also, there are frequently art and photography galleries up on the walls that are beautiful and inspiring. The clientele consists of lots of really cool regulars, so there’s definitely a great community forming here. The WiFi will cut out and just stop working at least once or twice per hour, so my best tip is if you have an Xfinity account, connect to the Xfinity channel; it’s solid and doesn’t cut out.

  • iNoahChef

    Great lil spot…plenty of seating in and out, lots of plugs, cool artsy vibe, motogear and motoart, very female friendly, coffee, beer, snacks,breakfast choices and even wine and chamagne…. low to moderste noise levels…..good muaic fun place

  • I’m not buying the complaints — this place is one of the best spots in town for working. Music is awesome, lots of outlets and seats, friendly folks, and my work VPN worked flawlessly. Great spot!

  • DesignUtensil

    The WiFi cuts out all the time and is slow as molasses when it does work. The food is sloppy and unimpressive; I ordered an egg sandwich and the egg took up like 1/4 of the bun, the rest was slathered with some watery “aioli” and the whole thing just fell apart and splorched everywhere. So maybe give the food a pass.

    Coffee is decent. Nice amount of work space, plus a quiet area in the lobby. Plenty of power outlets.

  • ravenvonkaos

    This is one of my regular spots and I love it! Power sockets, wifi and good coffee!

  • brookehurford

    Wifi password is “seeseewifi”. Also – it is toasty in here! Make sure you can layer down a bit 🙂

  • I was here on March 17 2016 and tested Internet at 23.53 Down and 16.45 Up!

  • Jewel Mlnarik

    First time here and loving it. The WiFi isn’t great, so hoping it’s a temporary hiccup. Love the layout and decor — perfect for the solo worker, a one-on-one and there’s even a few small group tables in a side room … and some picnic tables outside. Thanks for the recommendation!

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