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Sinergia Cowork began in 2014 as the first coworking space in Uruguay, and has played a vital role in the country’s entrepreneurial growth and success.
Sinergia unites restless people with dreams and projects that bet on bettering our future. We seek to connect individuals with supportive and like-minded others, enable entrepreneurs to create sustainable companies capable of generating true innovation, and inspire all of us to learn and do together.
We are located in a completely renovated 1500m2 industrial warehouse in the heart of the Palermo neighborhood. Our space offers a variety of work environments, from private offices to communal tables, meeting rooms to book nooks, rooftop terrace to a living room that feels like home.
Sinergia is designed for those who understand the power and value of working together – opportunities to encounter and collaborate with good people doing cool things, connect through organized events within the space, bounce ideas around over lunches and cups of coffee, and always lend a helping hand.

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