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Townshend's Teahouse

3531 SE Division St, Portland
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There's two facing couches, great for extra relaxation and the touch of working from a living room. Kombucha on tap means you can taste before you buy. Walking distance to world famous Pok Pok and neighborhood favorites Salt and Straw.

WiFi Strength

Download Speed 19.70 Mb/s
Upload Speed 3.80 Mb/s
Latency 18 Ms
Last Known Login Info
May include network name, password, or both
Drink Tea | everyday

More about this space

Walk-in Access

Open to the public

Noise Moderate
Outlets Plenty
Alcohol -
Group Seating
Outdoor Seating -
Seating Options Small tables, larger table
Hours Today See More
Tea Options townshend's
Food Options bagels, veggie pot pies
Updated July 2017

Listing provided by Jewel Mlnarik + maxmuffinator

Jewel Mlnarik

People are saying  

  • arhodes

    Plenty of seating, lots of outlets, very chill atmosphere. Probably not the best place for making business calls, but if you need to pound out 50 emails you couldn’t ask for a better space. Kava Chai with Coconut Milk (does that make me a hipster… or a yuppie?)

  • crispaire

    Plenty of seating, most are small tables designed for two people. Great large front window that lets in natural light that gives the place a nice bright vibe. Half a dozen kombuchas on tap (personally recommend the Citrus one) and of course the almost 100 teas to choose from. Overhead music is at an average volume that most of the time your headphones will drown out. Most of the times I’ve been here (at various hours) the place has been fairly busy, but there’s always a table or two open. It’s very conducive to working and studying.

  • Much smaller than the Alberta teahouse, but it still has good wifi and outlet access. Order one pot of tea for less than $5 and work for hours. Great music, people, tea. The best seating is for two people and you’ll feel bad taking one all for yourself. Smaller tables that fit one person and laptop comfortable are squished against the walls. Best for pairs!

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