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World Cup Coffee & Tea, Portland

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World Cup @ Powell’s Bookstore has no Wi-Fi time limit and no coffee shop purchase is required. The primary purpose of the cafe is to give visitors to Powell’s a place to sit and read books they are considering, or to give visitors a place rest and socialize without leaving Powell’s. Most of this large – approximately 50 x 30 foot space – is committed to tables where there is no power source. There are individual reading and work spaces along the south and west windows that provide power. The coffee shop is crowded during the summer and on weekends – sometimes no seats near plug-ins are available or it is difficult to get online. World Cup is located on the first floor on the southwest corner of block at NW Eleventh Avenue and Burnside. To access the coffee shop enter Powell’s at 1005 W. Burnside or through the entry at NW Eleventh and Couch Street, and walk through the bookstore. A map of the interior of the store is available near the entries.

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