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Case Study Coffee on Sandy 

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Pro tips

Power outlets under the window seating, as well as on the north and east walls. Also a harder to find outlet on the big pillar in the middle of the space.

Original Scout
Darren Buckner

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Foodpastries, snacks
Seating Capacity 20-40
Group Space Some
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Community notes

  • Jewel MlnarikJewel Mlnarik on

    Looks like others have experienced WiFi issues recently, too. I was here on a Sunday and the place was nearly full with 10 laptops open. While I could connect to their SSID, I couldn’t get a connection to any website, including “”. I eventually tried both the CableWifi and Xfinity networks and was able to get a fast connection there.

  • Darren BucknerDarren Buckner on

    WiFi has not been snappy the past few times I’ve worked from here. It’s usable but it used to be better. Still one of my favorite spots in this area.

  • vnguyen on

    Quality coffee and many seating options – stand at the bar along the window or join the communal table if you feel like sharing. While the WIFI is fast it’s worth noting that as of Sept 2014 VPN access is blocked. It’s not the case at their Alberta location.

  • bikesneak on

    Bar along the window provides a great workspace. House coffee is delicious. No cream or sugar needed.

    Interesting that I have not had the same Wi-Fi experience as others. I’m only getting 3.7 Mbps down and 8.10 Mbps up! Strange that the down is so much worse than the up—there must be a lot of folks streaming in here right now.

  • Tom Watson on

    This is my regular spot. Solid wifi and during the work week the majority of people are here working or taking meetings. Highly recommended.

  • lalawren on

    Tippy tables. Not many outlets. Crowded in the afternoon. Limited food. Great coffee! Never found it to be a great work space, but great for coffee

  • Darren BucknerDarren Buckner on

    Love the natural light here and the snappy Wi-Fi. The location is great with food options nearby. A newly opened food cart space is just a 45 second walk down the street and Du’s Grill is right next door. This is a good spot if you need to meet with a group. There is one very long table that works well for this.